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1-Do I need a partner? No you don’t. Most students come on their own and do not have a regular partner. If you wish to bring a partner is entirely up to you but not required. at our studio we rotate partners so everyone has a chance to dance with everyone else including the instructors. This improves our dancing, as we would dance with a stranger at a social or a club.
2- I Have My Own Partner, Can I Dance Only with Him/Her? Yes you can BUT we don’t recommend it. Our classes are design to be interactive between all the students this way as we rotate you will get a chance to dance with everyone even the instructors which will be able to help you, give you some tips and fix any mistake you might be making. But if you lock yourself to one person you will be stock, and won’t be able to progress.
Beside is not fun to dance with the same person for 2 hours 
3-What should I wear to class? Our classes are informal. Most of our students dress very casually in jeans, shorts, t-shirts, workout attire, etc. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable dancing in. Jeans and Leggings are recommended.
4-Do I need to buy special shoes? We recommend investing in a pair of dance shoes, dance sneakers, or ballroom shoes for class, however it is not required. If you don’t have dance shoes, then a leather sole is preferable to rubber. Please do not wear flip flops or open-back shoes, as they are very difficult to dance in. Dance shoes are available for purchase at the studio.
5-How long does it take to learn how to dance? Learning how to dance salsa can take anywhere between a few  weeks to a few months, It all depends on each person and how high you are placing the bar, but Taking the classes is only part of learning experience. Learning to dance takes 3 things: practice, practice, and more practice! Practicing 10 minutes a day at home will improve your ability to dance; Coming to our studio socials will also improve greatly your skills.
6-What is a social? Socials are practice days. Basically is an informal dance, where students come to practice what they learn in their classes. We have socials at the studios every Friday night time 10-1: am. It is a fun setting and a great place to socialize and meet other students from the different classes and levels.
How large are the classes? Class size may vary from month to month. They can range in size from 15 to 40 people.
7-What if I miss a class?  You can do a make up class but might not be your same level. But fortunately every week the instructor will review what was taught the week prior. So if you miss a class you will  be briefed the following week. But if you are absent more than two classes within the same month you can not rejoin the classes that you missed into the following month. we are always sensitive and willing to assist anyone who has been absent to get them up to speed with the rest of the class but some time its better to take a step back, besides your first 2 months are your foundation and critical for your success.
8-If I Already know how to dance salsa, do I still have to start in the beginner level? You don’t have to start in the beginner level if you already have experience dancing ON 2, NY-STYLE SALSA. We can evaluate you before your first class to determine which level you belong in. For people who dance salsa but have never taken classes before (“street” dancers) you should start in the beginner class. Remember this is a different style with more complex foot work and turn patterns and you want to look like a pro right? besides if you feel is to easy you can always talk to tour instructor  he/she will have no problem brining you to a higher  class is you can handle it.  
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